10 March 2020



•vi·sion noun the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. — the dictionary

Visión 20/20, Roger Velasquez & The Latin Legendz forthcoming March 10, 2020 release on independent record label VDISCOS is their first studio album following the Latin Grammy win in November of 2018. (Tex Mex Funk). Visión 20/20 is Velasquez’s perspective of life as an American of Mexican decent in the 21st century.  The focus of Visión 20/20 is on the current issues that affect Latinos in the world today. 

Visión 20/20 was recorded at Blue Cat Recording Studio in San Antonio, Texas, and engineered by multi-Grammy award winning producer Joe Trevino and mastered by two-time Grammy Award winner Camilo Silva (Camilo Silva F Mastering, Bogota, Colombia). This feel good record features guest appearances by Latin Grammy Award winners: Joe Posada, Sunny Sauceda, Max Baca, Rebecca Valadez and from "Blood In Blood Out", Jesse Borrego. 

Visión 20/20 is a labour of love, jam packed with Chicano soul delivering a rhythmic drive that draws on traditional orchestra chicana with a tex-mex flair. The trumpets, trombones and saxophones pack a punch. It’s a magic carpet ride  through time and space, with waves that move to the flow of a lush latin beat.

Visión 20/20’s first single, “Somos Ganadores,” composed by Roger Velasquez, and co-arranged by former member of Fania All Stars Jorge “Georgie” Padilla, was released at the beginning of this year and is fastly becoming one of the most popular YouTube hits by the San Antonio recording artist.  

Track one “Amor Del Otro Lado” Velasquez addresses the immigration issue through a glass half-full perspective, where love overcomes all obstacles. Track two “Botellas de Tequila,” he   addresses the alcoholism and drug addiction that plagues our communities.  Track three “Somos Ganadores” is a celebration of life and triumph. Track four “Entierrenme en Tejas/Bury Me in Texas”, Velasquez illustrates what it means to be a descendant of mexican immigrants, living the American dream. Track five “Cryin’ Over You” expresses his deep feelings of grief after the loss of a loved one.

Track list:

1. Amor del Otro Lado 

2. Botellas de Tequila 

3. Somos Ganadores

4. Entierrenme En Tejas (Bury Me In Texas) 

5. Cryin’ Over You 

6. La Cumbia Loca 

7. Leyes del Amor 

8. Magia En El Aire 

9. Chicano Boogaloo 

10. It’s Showtime 

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